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The Club, with its sector forums, is set as the central focus for reunions and business contacts to negotiate and discuss matters that affect the Euro region of Galicia and Northern Portugal, the organization and development of company events as well as the access to new business and social contact opportunities.

Each of the six forums created up to now are composed by a reduced number of businessmen, executives and professionals, making up what is known as the Permanent Work Committee. Its mission is to elaborate studies and to propose a year round program of activities, which are held periodically on different days, in different seminars and conferences, with the participation of known experts in the diverse areas that concern each forum.

Socio-Economic Enviroment Forum

Oriented towards the development of activities surrounding the culture and mentality of businessmen and citizens, the socio-economic environmental forum tries to go beyond individualism and obtain elements that contribute to social organization. Its objective is to put forward a diffusion of work, educational formation and information that carries out proposals to attain consensus and involvement of different institutions.

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Forum

A frame made up by business cooperation and multidisciplinary professionals that promote the encounter and reflection between businessmen, shareholders and professional schools related with urban planning and construction. Its objective is to analyze the main problems of strategic character that affect this sector of economical activity.

Initiative and Business Forum

This forum was not only created to facilitate business knowledge initiatives that are present in the different economical and academic fields, but also to spread the opportunities that the international markets offer, the new legal and regulative frame and innovative techniques.

Society of Information Forum

Established in 2002, this forum hopes to be the frame of reference of businessmen/women as well as executives of the Euro region Galicia-Northern Portugal in the diffusion of knowledge and access to new technologies and their application to the business environment. At the same time, it wants to bring out a group debate about matters related with the Society of Information. Moreover, it promotes the process of I+D+I among companies in Vigo and its area, participating in the program “Aula de Innovación”, through an agreement with the General Manager of I+D of the Galician government.

Good Business Forms Forum

The main objective of this forum is to promote a learning, cooperative and communicative environment in the matter of good business behaviour between executives and businessmen/women. This way, through the periodical organization of spreading events of innovative practices in business management, it has the aim to transfer and share the knowledge of good forms, generally of business excellence, from companies that already carry them out, to the rest of the group.

Knowledge Management Forum

The progressive internationalization of the economy implies, for developed countries and other wellbeing societies, the loss of those competitive advantages based on the availability of natural and human resources, with differences in favourable costs. Developing countries are now in conditions to take advantage of these types of competitive advantages. Therefore, it is an urgent necessity for our companies to advance from their actual positions, settled with tangible assets, towards others that centre on the intellectual capital, IDT and innovation.

The Knowledge Management Forum was created, by the initiative of the Business Organization and Marketing Department of the University of Vigo and the CFV, at the beginning of 2006. Its objective is to generate debate about the new competitive paradigms. The forum looks to promote a space for reflection, where initiatives or actions can arise, capable of driving necessary change related with the intangibles.

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